The Fordham Abbey Estate was created in the 18th Century on the site of the demolished Fordham Priory, which was a Gilbertine Abbey founded in the reign of Henry lll in the 13th Century by Robert de Fordham and lies four miles north of Newmarket in East Cambridgeshire.

The current house was built in 1790 for William Metcalfe.   It replaced a similar Georgian house constructed in 1710.    Materials from this earlier house, such as bricks, were reused and constructed instead was a simple classical Georgian villa with symmetrical appearance.

The Dovecote remains on the original site where the Gilbertine Monks used to live.  IMG_2224


The Lewyn-Smith family lived in the house since 1957 and they farmed on the arable land around the estate.

In March 2015 a Japanese Dojima Sake Brewery bought approx. 75 acres, including the House and the Dovecote, parkland with a view to set up the first Sake Brewery in the UK.







Painting above the fireplace in the hall

painting above fire place in the morning room

Fordham Abbey 1710



Approach to the house in 1901

Approach to the house in 1901

FA World War !

Fordham Abbey during the World War I