Invitation to a Cummunity Consultation Day


A Community Consultation Day is planned at Fordham Abbey on Sunday 13th December,

to  inform our pre-application proposals for the development of the Dojima Japanese Sake Brewery at the Abbey.

The residents of Fordham are all welcome ! 

The Abbey will be open from 11:00 to 15:30 on Sunday 13th December.

The architect will make two presentations, at 11:30and at 13:30.
These will be followed by a site visit.

Japanese light refreshments and sake tasting will be available.


28 year old, Tadakazu Hashimoto, son of Mr. Hashimoto, the owner of the Fordham Abbey, stirring Sake Fermentation Tank and spreading malted rice in Koji room.

November 2015 in Japan



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