Goodbye a Horse chestnut tree

There are so many big and graceful trees at Fordham Abbey.
I am sure that is what makes Fordham Abbey so magical.
We should be so grateful for the people who lived here and planted them and looked after them for many hundreds of years.
Some of the trees are over 300 years.

A couples of weeks ago we asked Jules from Barcham Trees in Soham to come and look at our newly joined to the Estate, Hornbeam Avenue, as we were a little concerned as some of the leaves were turning brown already.   The Avenue trees were planted back in April.    Jules assured that they are healthy and doing very well.   Apparently the heat wave we have had made the leaves dry.

However, the horse chestnut tree by the listed wall near the house was in a bad state.    A branch came down in the wind so we had no choice but to fell for safety.

So Olli, a local tree man and our Kevin spent a day felling the tree.
Amazing job done!


IMG_1300horse chestnut


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