Wettest June?

Is this the wettest June on record? I am not sure but it has been very very wet here. We have not been able to top the front field for silage. We have got to […]

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. . . and moved!

Captain:  What are you doing in there pigs? Pigs: We are going to move to our summer house today! Kevin: Are we ready pigs? Pigs:  Mum.  We are so happy here!

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Hornbeam Avenue

Just finished planting hornbeam trees on both sides of the approach. Love to be able to see them in 100 years time! So lucky to have Barcham Trees close to us. We thought Jules Baird […]

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Thank you for attending!

Over 150 people attended the Community Consultation at Fordham Abbey on Sunday 13th December, to hear about the Dojima Sake Brewery Plan and ask questions and give their feedback. The Hashimoto family were delighted to meet the people […]

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