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Dojima Sake Brewery


Dojima Sake Brewery
The First of its kind to be built in the UK

In case you are wondering, we are having a little summer break at the moment.
The brewery tours will resume in September 2022 and the brewing in October.

1st October is the International Sake Day and we will be hosting special brewery tours on Saturday 1st October 2022.

AND this year’s Annual Sake Festival is being planned for Sunday 2nd October 2022. Dojima Sake Brewery is celebrating its 200th anniversary since the brewery was founded by the Hashimoto family in Takatsuki, Osaka in 1822. So the Festival will be even more special.

The details will be announced soon for the tours and the Sake Festival.

If you are interested in the brewery tour for 2022, please contact us using the form below; 

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Dojima Sake Brewery is the first of its kind to be built in the UK, this stunning brewery is set in the picturesque grounds of the Fordham Abbey estate. Come for a truly unique experience which combines English heritage with Japanese culture and delicious, hand crafted sake.

Adjoining the Brewery, there is a Japanese Cafe Restaurant already built and ready and waiting to open to the public soon.  If you are interested in our history, philosophy and how they are made, please visit Dojima Sake Brewery web site;



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