Past Events – 2021 

April 2022   


 ● Easter Special Brewery Tour & Lunch or Just lunch on Saturday 16th April → Details

 ● Wellness Programme – Mindfulness Meditation Day Retreat on 8th & 9th April → Details

 ● Garden Open – Daffodils and Cherry Blossoms on Sunday 3rd April → Details


March 2022

Hanami’ – Cherry Blossom Celebration Event

Wagyu Lunch and Chado & Live Japanese music in the Japanese Garden

Sunday 27th March from 12:30
Lunch in the Brewery Restaurant
Fordham Abbey

This event is now fully booked.

The first time in the Brewery Restaurant and the first of our 2022 pop up restaurant series, we have invited CHEF SAITO from London who will be showcasing Wagyu beef!

On the afternoon of Sunday 27th March, let us entertain you in style! We are celebrating the Cherry Blossoms in our Japanese Garden in traditional Hanami picnic style, with Chado (The Way of Tea), Japanese picnic food, sake and a live Koto, Shakuhachi Flute concert.

On arrival you will be taken to the Japanese Garden where some delicious Japanese picnic food will be served with a small glass of sake.

On benches covered in Mosen, red cloth under the Cherry blossoms you will enjoy a sake picnic and the sound of live Koto and Shakuhachi.

You can also watch the demonstration of Chado and enjoy a bowl of matcha tea while you sit in the garden.
Peter Sōrin Cavaciuti, tea master from Cambridge will be in the Japanese garden demonstrating and serving matcha tea with a Cherry Blossom confectionery specially made for the occasion.

There will be a live Koto and Shakuhachi concert in front of the shrine which is near completion.
Koto is by Keiko Kitamura who played in the London Olympic Festival, Glastonbury and BBC Radio.
Shakuhachi is by Michael Soumei Coxhall who was awarded Shakuhachi Master’s Licence in 2007. He taught at SOAS, University of London from 1986 to 2009.

Around 13:45 you will sit in the brand new Brewery Restaurant where Wagyu beef lunch by Chef Saito is served accompanied by a glass of Dojima’s premium Sake. In addition a Sake Pairing option is available. Full menu will be announced shortly.

After lunch you can go back to the garden and enjoy Matcha tea, wagashi and the music. Alternatively you can go up to the bar above the restaurant to enjoy more sake or some other drinks, with the views of the idyllic pastureland. The bar is open throughout the day.

Sponsored by Zen-noh International in London, the National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations.

Limited to 30 places

£125 per person
£70 per person for optional Sake Pairing

(+ A little present for everyone to take home for your mom for Mother’s day present.)

This event is now fully booked.



Hina Matsuri Dinner by Megumi

on Thursday 3rd March 2022
from 18:30
in the Georgian House, Fordham Abbey

We welcome Megumi Takeyama, the founder of MEGUMI’S Supper Club and the owner of RISE Japanese Bakery & Bar located in the heart of London. RISE is the only official bakery using Dojima’s sake kasu for their artisanal products. Megumi confesses to be an insatiable food lover who uses food as her canvas to convey the beauty of Japanese culture.

With collaboration with Megumi, we have created a beautiful celebratory Hina Matsuri menu which we hope will entertain the eyes and satisfy the taste buds.

Known as “Girls’ Day” or “Doll Festival” in English, Hina Matsuri is a Japanese annual festival which takes place on 3rd March. This day is dedicated to celebrate and pray for the good health and happiness of young girls. On the day of Hina Matsuri, families gethar and enjoy traditional delicacies such as chirashi-sushi, clear clam soup, hina-arare (colourful rice crackers) and hishi-mochi (diamond-shaped layered mochi cake) and amazake.

Our Hina Matsuri Dinner will be an omakase style 8 course menu using carefully selected ingredients and Dojima’s sake kasu.

£85 Omakase Menu

Dojima’s premium sake pairing for £70.
Non-alcoholic pairing will also be available.

Door Open: 18:30
Dinner Start: 19:00 (Please be on time)
Dress Code: Pretty in Pink
*The guests will seat around one large dining table in the drawing room.

Menu - Click to enlarge

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February 2022

Exhibition of Japanese Woodblock Prints


by Tsukioka Yoshitoshi
The Last Great Master of Ukiyo-e Wood Block Printing

Fully booked!

from 11th February – 16th February 2022
in the Georgian House, Fordham Abbey

The details of the event

Sunday  13th February 2022
Snowdrop & Aconite Open Garden  + Exhibition in the house >>

Wednesday 16th February 2022

Yoshitoshi, Sake, Dinner & Moon Viewing in the Georgian House & Japanese Garden >>