Festival Artists

Artists Exhibiting, demonstrating and holding workshops

Dr.Bonnie Kemske

Dr Bonnie Kemske holds a PhD in ceramics from the Royal College of Art.
Her experiences in studying Japanese tea ceremony in Kyoto and in the UK have led her to write two books for Bloomsbury Press.
These are The Tea bowl: East and West and Kintsugi: The Poetic Mend.

Bonnie will be in the Japanese Garden to share her knowledge and experiences.


Chado by Peter Sorin Cavaciuti  (Tea Ceremony)

Demonstrations by Peter, Urasenke Tea Master.  Matcha tea service by his students  in the Japanese garden all day.
Demonstration schedule

🍵 £4.5 for a bowl of matcha and an ochagashi


Sachiko Purser 

Sachiko Purser is a Cambridge based artist and printmaker, originally from Kyushu.
Her beautiful work will be exhibited at the festival and she will demonstrate the most meticulous woodblock print technique and hold a sumi ink painting workshop.
Sachiko Purser has an MA in Children’s Book Illustration, and is currently finalising an MA in Printmaking.
She will discuss her most recent work Endangered Species which seeks to raise awareness of the wave of extinction, and display some of her woodblock prints.


Shinichi Wakasa 

Shinichi Wakasa joining from Japan, was born in 1982.
Withdrew from the doctoral course of Hiroshima City University after obtaining credits. He studied traditional Japanese painting methods at the university, and his graduation work was awarded a “purchase”, the top prize at the university.
After graduation, he won the second prize in the public exhibition “Debut” sponsored by @gekkanbijutsu.
With the theme of Japanese culture and religious beliefs, he incorporates elements that are considered characteristic of manga, games, and anime into his work.
He has collaborated with @sawatakai_official, a fashion brand in New York, and @memuse_official by @risacheeese of the idol group @dempagumi.official.
In recent years, he has been involved in a wide range of activities, including the launch of the fashion brand @sugoiwakai with media artist Yoichi Ochiai @ochyai and designer @masayakushino.
In recent years, he has created and installed a giant mural in the @asobuild, an entertainment complex directly connected to Yokohama Station.
His works are in the collection of Hiroshima City University and Engakuji Pagoda Ryoinan.