Festival Stalls

🍣Sushi bar by Michiko Sushino at the Dojima Sake Festival🍣
Originally from Osaka Japan, fashion pioneer Michiko Koshino settled in Britain in the early 80’s becoming one of the most influential designers associated with the iconic London club scene.
A whimsical play on the family name, Michiko Sushino is a traditional yet modern Japanese restaurant serving authentic sushi in Queen’s Park, London.
With quality at the heart of the restaurant, Michiko’s belief in bringing people together to enjoy excellent food in a relaxed ambiance, creating a memorable dining experience.
A whimsical play on the family name, ‘Michiko Sushino’ is a traditional Japanese restaurant and coffee bar serving authentic sushi in the most London of settings – a true merging of cultures.
With quality at the heart of everything served, Michiko’s belief in the power of food bringing people together, has resulted in a relaxed and understated dining space focused on conversation and interaction.


Rise Bakery and Bar
10 OCTOBER in Piccadilly Circus🔜

Rise is owned by two Japanese women, Motoko Hida and Megumi Takeyama. Motoko also runs the well-established Happy Sky Bakery in Chiswick, whilst Megumi runs her own supper club, Megumi’s, in Islington. They’ve both spent over ten years in the UK and are of a similar age, so they were keen to work on something together. They’ll be opening Rise Bakery and Bar as a sister site to Motoko’s Happy Sky Bakery.
They specialise in making Japan’s famously fluffy shokupan milk bread and pay close attention to their ingredients, using things like natural yeast and Dojima’s matured sake kasu.
Dojima Sake Festival will be Rise’s last pop-up before their long-awaited grand opening on the 10th October. They will have fluffy sake kasu milk bread, Japanese style buns (savoury and sweet), sandwiches and deli foods. Carefully curated natural wines will also be on the menu at the bakery in Piccadilly Circus.

Juicy yakitori skewers by JUNSEI
. Each skewer is delicately grilled over hot binchotan charcoal, which slowly cooks the meat from the inside out.
Junsei, a yakitori bar in Marylebone, specialise in cooking chicken. Each part is broken down and skewered into over 20 different variations of skewers and grilled over binchotan charcoal, which is the soul of yakitori.
Sizzling teppanyaki style yakisoba fried noodles served by AUN.
AUN special menu for Dojima Sake Festival: Oyster Yakisoba, Vegetable Yakisoba, Vegan Tofu Bowl
Launched in October 2017, AUN is a small, independent restaurant bringing the Japanese concept of ‘wakon yosai’ to the heart of Stoke Newington.
This idea of learning western techniques without losing a Japanese spirit translates as imaginatively presented dishes that create delicious Japanese flavours using European ingredients alongside traditional ones.
AUN (あ吽) – pronounced as “A-Un”, means inspiration and expiration. Coming from the traditional Japanese saying: “aun no kokyu”, it is a delicate, perfectly balanced harmony between those who work together.
Kasu pastries by Suzue Aoyama, an award winning pâtissière
Suzue’s Story:
Born and brought up in Osaka, Japan. Her family has traditional noodle restaurant where they also sell rice cakes. Suzue was brought up surrounded by many food inspirations. While she was help making Japanese traditional rice cake at home, she was wondering how the patisserie was made at next door… and later, she decided to discover and learn the art of patisserie.
She has studied at @lecordonbleulondon and @lecordonbleuparis to gain Patisserie and Culinary diploma. During her time of training, she gained many experience from world leading hotels and private dining. She was then in charge of the world famous afternoon tea pastries at The Savoy, London.
She has won several awards, including the Gold award for tea pastries and also Gold medal at Culinary Olympics.
She set up and built the brand William Curley with her former husband for over 10 years. The brand won several chocolate awards and join the World leading association, Relais Desserts. During her time she has been mentored young pastry chefs who now working as successful pastry chefs at all over the world.
She consulted, created and designed, some brands and products for manufactures in UK and Japan. Some of the products are still one of the strongest seller in UK market.
Her philosophy is ‘Share the joy with family and friends’ and she would love to share her skills and happiness through her cooking career.
Irresistibly pretty cupcakes by Satski Gamble.
Satski perfected her baking skills at the world renowned @magnoliabakery in NYC where she worked for six years in the 90’s. If you are a Sex and The City fan, you must have seen her cupcakes on screen. Those cupcakes Carrie and Miranda ate in front of Magnolia Bakery were made by Satski.
Now based in Kent, she founded @japan_cupcake_academy in 2015. She has also published a cupcake recipe book, “ニューヨーク仕込みのカップケーキとデコレーション”
Creamy fluffy swill roll cakes by The Baking Jin. Strawberry and Black Sesame swill rolls will be available at Dojima Sake Festival this Saturday👌
Shortly after winning the Cambridge Bake Off 2015, the recipe for a cake business started ‘baking’ in Jin’s mind. At Q4 2016, The Baking Jin was established part-time while Jin kept his full time job as an Engineer. In 2020 just before the pandemic, Jin decided to take The Baking Jin full time.
The Baking Jin Specialising in light and fluffy chiffon cakes focus on East and Southeast Asian bakes and flavours, Jin wanted to recreate the flavours and memories in his creations of his Malaysian Chinese heritage cuisine, and his few months experience when he trained and worked in Japan. Now the people of Cambridge can order celebrations cakes by contacting Jin or through the webpage.
Jin is very passionate about his creations, some of the recipes have been handed down by mama Jin and taken many years to develop and perfect. “It’s been amazing to be able to share my creations with everyone here, let the baking journey continue … …”


Eco Japan is Cambridgeshire based ethical and zero waste sustainable lifestyle brand. Bringing eco-friendly Japanese design to the UK through traditional Japanese high-quality premium craft products.

At Dojima Sake Festival, products as such furoshiki (traditional wrapping cloth), Mashiko-yaki pottery and handmade one-of-a-kind jewellery that are made from broken pottery will be available.
Story behind the pottery jewellery:
On March 11, 2011, the Pacific side of Japan’s North-East was devastated by a huge earthquake and tsunami which caused great damage and hit a nuclear power plant causing explosions and a nuclear melt-down. Tens of thousands of people lost their lives and properties.
Ishinomaki City, where these accessories are made, was one of the worst effected areas of this disaster.
So many people lost everything…. Yes, EVERYTHING! …. But they didn’t lose their “HOPE”.  The team who make these accessories are an example of this. They found their hope in brokenness. They decided to make beautiful things from washed up, destroyed and broken pottery.
The team is called The Nozomi Project, Nozomi (望み) means “Hope” in Japanese.
Don’t waste, don’t throw away, but mend and use as long as possible and create something from what you’ve got.

Pronounced “Keats” named after the English Romantic poet, is a London-based fashion and lifestyle brand that aims to fuse casual British luxury with the authenticity and modernity of Japan.
The store curates an edit of eclectic and independent brands which compliment their own leather-goods label, launched in 2009 by owner and designer Takaharu Osako. (ki:ts) leather bags are hand-crafted in England, offering high quality leather and workmanship, that is usually associated with luxury labels. Their approach to design is to create simple but luxurious user-friendly bags, with many coming with alternative straps and fastenings. The collection blends a mix of classic silhouettes, with some striking colourways and geometric shapes, which can elevate an outfit from the everyday to the outstanding.
One of the most interesting of the homeware collections is the “Suzugami” products from syouryu. Simply translated as “Tin Paper”, they are extremely malleable weighty tin sheets that can be shaped into anything the owner desires; from a serving dish, chopstick holder, jewellery or beauty dish. They can be rolled out and reshaped repeatedly, each time to create something new, every time gaining in strength.
Alongside these intriguing Eastern treasures, British brands such as the popular Laboratory Perfumes and minimal, speckled ceramics from Dor &Tan are peppered among the selection, all complimenting the (ki:ts) own leather goods label seamlessly.