Hanami Menu

Menu for 
‘Hanami’ – Cherry Blossom Celebration Lunch
on Sunday 27th March from 12:30

Wagyu beef Sukiyaki by Chef Saito in the restaurant with a glass of sake 

The afternoon will start in the Japanese Garden 
* * *
While you enjoy Japanese Koto and Shakuhachi Concert, you will be served;
1)Futo maki (wrapped in Tamago)
2)Sake kasu Dashimaki Tamago
3)Wagyu sake kasu  beef croquette
4)Vegetable sushi (Temari sushi)
5)Sake kasu roasted vegetable sticks
6)Sake steamed chichen on sake kasu bread cracker with Dashi Bechamel Sauce
7)Sake kasu Yskisoba(Roasted pork) on sake kasu cracker

Matcha Tea and confectionary (You can watch the ceremony)  

Shakuhachi by Michael Soumei Coxhall, Chado byPeter Sōrin Cavaciuti, Koto by Keiko Kitamura and Chef Saito  

The Main will be served in the restaurant 
Wagyu Sukiyaki with lots of vegetables, mushrooms, tofu and udon noodles

* * *
Dessert will be  in the bar with more music
Sake chocolate Truffles
Sake kasu matcha cheese flan cake