Cherry Blossom Viewing with Sake and Celebration Lunch

on Sunday 2nd April from 12:00

On Sunday 2nd April, we are celebrating the Cherry Blossoms in the Japanese Garden in traditional Hanami style; sake under the blossoms with Japanese canape and Chado (Tea ceremony) in front of the newly completed shrine, etc.

Hanami is an ancient tradition in Japan, of enjoying the beautiful blossoms of cherry trees. We celebrate the arrival of spring with cherry and plum blossom-viewing parties with sake.

On arrival you will be taken to the Japanese Garden to see the Japanese tea ceremony and you will be served a bowl of matcha tea with wagashi confectionary. You will then be given a small glass of sake and Japanese canape in the garden. Benches covered in red mosen are placed under the cherry trees to sit and enjoyed the blossom and the food.

Around 13:30 you will be seated in the Brewery Restaurant where Wagyu Sukiyaki is served. Sukiyaki is cooked on table top in warishita stock with various vegetables and tofu and thinly sliced beef. You have choices of 3 different types of Wagyu to chose from The Chef for the day is Mr Saito, Wagyu Specialist.

Optional Sake Pairing is available.

After lunch you can go back to the garden and enjoy the blossom and Matcha tea & wagashi if you didn’t have time before lunch. Alternatively you can go up to the bar above the restaurant to enjoy more sake or some other drinks, with the views of the idyllic pastureland.

Included in the price are; Entry to the gardens, Matcha Tea & Wagashi, Canapé in the garden, small glass of sake, Wagyu Sukiyaki, Hanami Special Dessert, tea, coffee.

£115 per person for British Wagyu Sukiyaki, 3 course

£155 per person for Japanese Wagyu Sukiyaki, 3 course

£215 per person for Kobe beef Sukiyaki, 3 course

Limited to 30 guests

Wagyu Sukiyaki