Hinamatsuri Lunch

Hinamatsuri, Girls’ Day /Doll Festival

Hina Matsuri special lunch by Megumi
on Sunday 5th March 2023 from 12:30
in the Brewery Restaurant

Display of Japanese dolls

We welcome Megumi Takeyama for Hinamatsuri lunch, a female chef from London for this Girls Day lunch. Megumi is the founder of MEGUMI’S Supper Club. She confesses to be an insatiable food lover who uses food as her canvas to convey the beauty of Japanese culture.

Megumi, in collaboration with Suzue Aoyama (@suzue_aoyama_cyrley), multiple award winning chocolatier and patisserie will be creating a beautiful celebratory Hina Matsuri menu which we hope will entertain the eyes and satisfy the taste buds.

Known as “Girls’ Day” or “Doll Festival” in English, also called Peach Festival, Hina Matsuri is a Japanese annual festival which takes place on 3rd March. The day is dedicated to celebrate and pray for the good health and happiness of young girls. On the day of Hina Matsuri, families gather and enjoy traditional delicacies such as chirashi-sushi, clear clam soup, hina-arare (colourful rice crackers) and hishi-mochi (diamond-shaped layered mochi cake) and amazake.

Megumi has just informed us that she will be preparing 9 varieties of starter in a box, followed by Chirashi sushi and soup, and to finish peach themed dessert by Suzue.

This is from sushi day, but the starter will be served in this box

Chirashi sushi

£80 per person
Half Price for girls/boys under 12 years old – £40 each

Dojima’s premium sake pairing for £70 (2 types of sake)

Start eating at 12:45

Max 26 people

Recommended dress code: Pretty in Pink

Access to the gardens included; Japanese garden with a shrine now completed.