International Sake Brewing Association (ISBA)

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International Sake Brewing Association (ISBA)

The reasons behind setting up ISBA and its purposes

As interest in sake and the ancient craft of brewing continues to increase outside Japan, we are conscious that access to the knowledge and skill to brew great sake can be very difficult for many.  You either go to Japan to learn or study online so far.  Hence we decided to set up the ISBA based at Fordham Abbey in the UK, to bring sake brewers and people interested in brewing sake together from all corners of the world to create a platform and a network where open collaboration about knowledge, skills, training, equipment and ingredients is readily available, to be able to contribute to the global sake industry.

The International Sake Brewing Association will offer members a range of services and advice as follows:-

– How to apply for and secure a brewing licence
– How to choose suitable premises and equipment specifications.
– How to write a brewery HACCP Plan and comply with Environmental Health requirements.
– Sourcing of rice and other brewing ingredients such as koji mould, yeast and lactic acid.
– Sourcing of bottles, closures, labels and packaging
– Advice on how to troubleshoot and improve brewing techniques such as koji making, shubo making, moromi management, pressing, bottling and pasteurisation.
– Development of staff training programs

Our goal is also to develop a global network of business expertise, legal advice, investment support, export and shipping advice etc.

Dojima’s own Sake Brewing Academy under the auspices of the International Sake Brewing Association will be launched in 2022 with exciting announcements soon.

The Dojima Sake Brewing Academy will offer short, medium and long stay residential courses in the following:-

– Koji Making (includes raw material handling, equipment handling & maintenance, rice washing, rice steaming, koji making).
– Shubo making (includes raw material handling, equipment handling & maintenance, rice washing, rice steaming, sokujo (fast method) shubo making.
– Three stage brewing, san-dan shikomi ((includes raw material handling, equipment handling & maintenance, rice washing, rice steaming, rice cooling, mashing-in techniques, sampling and analysis)
– Pressing sake using the fune / sake bag method (includes essential calculations pre and post pressing, setting up a pressing line, fune method pressing, kasu management, and racking of freshly pressed sake (ori-sage).

Details of the courses and prices for individual modules will be announced soon.

We very much look forward to brewing with you and helping your sake brewing dream to become a reality. This truly global association treasures the great and ancient craft of sake brewing.



Kiyomi Hashimoto
Dojima Sake Brewery