• The Opening of the Brewery

      The VIP Reception to Celebrate the opening of the Brewery was held on 14th September 2018 Approx. 300 hundred people attended the reception.   Some more pictures will be uploaded soon.
    • Mie Prefecture Demonstration

      Demonstration of Japanese Crafts by Representative from Mie Prefecture  held on 26th September 2017 (free event)  ‘Gikakushi’ paper, Talk by a Toji, Master Sake Brewer and talk on rice making, followed by buffet lunch  
    • Ninja lecture

      Lecture on ‘Ninja’ by Professor Yamada of Mie University Held on 4th September 2017 (Free Event)  
    • ground breaking ceremony

      The Jichinsai Ceremony

      Held on 28th October 2016 This traditional Shinto ceremony is to purify the building site prior to lay the foundation for the Sake Brewery and to pray for the safety of the people involved in the construction.
    • Community Consultation Day

      Held on 13th December 2016 Attended by over 150 local residents. Japanese national NHK TV filmed the event. 
    • NGS - Fordham Abbey

      NGS 2016

      Just over 400 people attended.   The next one will be held when we have our walled kitchen garden restored and new Japanese garden created! 
    • The Biggest Painting in the World Project

      The biggest painting in the World

      The Biggest Painting in the World at Fordham Abbey On Saturday 30th April 2016 from 10a.m. – 3 p.m. [WRG id=624] The Biggest Painting in the World Project is aiming to nurture a peace-loving spirit in the children of the world, regardless of country, religion or ethnicity, to widen their views of the world and to […]