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There will be 2 sessions of Sake 101 Workshop for sake beginners and anybody who wants to meet our brewer Tony Mitchell🍶
Maximum 10 people each session
🎫 £10



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We just cannot describe how amazing sake kasu is in words. So there will be an easy informative workshop on how to use sake kasu.
Megumi Takeyama of @megumistable & @rise_bakery_bar and Kumiko Hashimoto from Dojima Brewery will demonstrate how to prepare sake kasu marinade, and you will have a taste of marinated salmon.
You will get some sake kasu and easy recipes to try at home!
👥20 people



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Fully booked 
Masterclass by the knowledgeable sake expert Natsuki Kikuya and our brewer Tony Mitchell.
In this masterclass, you will taste and pair different kinds of sake with nibbles. You may be surprised by how versatile sake can be!
👥10 people





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