Shinshu no Kai – Newly Pressed Premium Sake tasting

This is a very rare opportunity outside of Japan, and definitely the most exiting experience for sake lovers!

Here at Dojima Sake Brewery at Fordham Abbey, we have just completed producing our premium Sake ‘Dojima’ and ‘Cambridge’, these 2024 batches of sake were pressed only a few days ago and ‘Nama’, unpasteurized sake is now ready to drink.

We would like to take this opportunity to share the joy of tasting new, fresh Nama sake with the enthusiasts.

Our Master Brewer says, “This year’s sake is particularly good!”
Maybe the combination of Yamadanishiki sake rice from Japan, the water from the borehole, the weather and the dedication & harmony of the people involved in making.

This is a once a year very rare occasion. You are not only tasting 2024 new sake but you will also taste our 2018 vintage Cambridge as well as 3 others different sake to compare and pair them with some delicious Japanese dishes.

It will be held on Friday 14th June from 17:30 at Fordham Abbey in the Georgian House, normally reserved for member’s only.

£320 per person (20% discount for Dojima Members)

Please book soon to avoid disappointment using the form below.

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