Wagyu Sukiyaki Lunch

March & April 2023

by Chef Saito

Wagyu Sukiyaki – 3 course

Guaranteed to be your happiest and the most enjoyable Eating Experience!

Thinly sliced Wagyu beef and various vegetables; Chinese leaves, Leeks, tofu, mushrooms, Konnyuaku and udon noodle cooked on table top in Mr Saito’s special ‘warishita’ stock finished with ‘sake’

3 types of Wagyu beef to choose from !
British wagyu beef (£95), Wagyu beef from Japan(£140), the best genuine Kobe beef(£195)

Perfect course menu for pairing with sake.

To start . . . . 

Our own ‘sake kasu’ pickles, roll sushi, seafood or duck marinated in ‘sake kasu’

For the Main . . . . 

Wagyu Sukiyaki – Thinly Sliced Wagyu beef, Chinese Leaves, Tofu, Leeks, Shiitake & Enoki Mushroom, Konnyaku, udon noodle with Mr Saito’s Special ‘Warishita’ stock finished with our own ‘Sake’

And your dessert . . . 

Sweet mochi rice cake (3 typles of rice cake ) or Sake Kasu cheese cake

‘Sake Kasu’, sake lees is by-product of Sake

Japanese tea or coffee 

Vegetarian menu is possible, please ask